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How can I register a company ?

كيف يمكنني تسجيل شركة؟

Investors can set up quickly and with minimum red tape while our legislative framework makes operating here straightforward and hassle free. In fact, it is extremely easy, simple and straightforward to start your business in Oman.

تتميز سلطنة عمان ببيئة أعمال محفزة ومرنة مدعومة بإطار تشريعي واضح، حيث من الممكن أن تنشي شركتك من خلال ثلاثة خطوات رئيسية فقط مما يجعل العمل والاستثمار معنا سهل ومريح.

Investor Residency?

Stable and tranquil, Oman is an exceptional destination for investment with an outstanding competitive offers and enviable strategic location with seamless regional connectivity. In order to facilitate expat life, employment, investment, lifestyle, and career development, Oman launched two tiers of residency programs for current Oman residents and foreign nationals seeking to live and work in Oman.

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