Internet penetration in 2022


Oman first in GCC to introduce e-Government and first to offer

e-ID cards

5.3mn Internet users in 2022
Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2021 Inclusive Internet Index ranked Oman second most Internet ready country in GCC, 13th globally Economist Impact: The Inclusive Internet Index, supported by Meta Oman ranked 21 st globally and 3rd in the Arab world in 2020 Global Cyber Security Index ITU Publications



National technical capabilities

Oman Vision 2040 calls for the enhancement of national technical capabilities, the construction of vital ICT infrastructure as well as the improvement of e-Government services. The government has prioritized the development of ICT and the sector is well positioned for growth. Indeed, focus on creating a smart society powered by smart IT infrastructure is driving significant investment.

Going forward

Going forward, opportunities in Oman’s ICT sector will include, though not limited to: ICT training, 5G networks and the expansion of fiber networks, e-health, e-learning, cloud computing and data centres, disaster recovery services, cybersecurity, smart city initiatives, IoT, AI and blockchain.