Circular Economy

Planned diversion of municipal solid waste into recovery-recycling-reuse initiatives by 2030


Reduction in municipal waste generation from 1.2k /day per capita presently to less than 1kg/day per capita targeted by


Oman Environmental Services Holding Co (be’ah) oversees the solid waste management sector
An integrated system for commercializing waste streams is under development



Eliminate waste

Oman’s circular economy ambitions aim to maximize value and eliminate waste by improving the design of locally-made materials, products, systems and business models. Transitioning to a low- carbon, circular economy will deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits as well as present Oman with a variety of opportunities including

Recyclable products

The design of long lasting, reusable and easily recyclable products.

Recycled materials

Decreased use of raw materials and non-renewable resources and increasing the use of renewable resources and recycled materials.

Zero waste

A shift from “waste management” to “resource recovery” where everything has a value and zero waste goes to Omani landfills.

Disposable products

The transition from linear Omani supply chains that produce disposable products to circular supply chains that produce ongoing services.