Contribution to Oman’s GDP in 2021


The sector employs

42,000+ people

Oman has an abundance of dolomite, limestone, gypsum, clay, silica, ornamental stones and building materials
It is also rich in copper, gold, gabbro and limestone, industrial minerals and salt Production set to reach 147mn MT by 2023



Large-scale copper mining

Large-scale copper mining is set to start in Oman with the Al Hadeetha Resources project at Washihi-Mazzaza, which targets sales of 16mn MT per annum of copper ore and the eventual construction of a 1mn MT per annum copper concentration plant with an initial 10-year mine life.

Automation and digitalization

Mining production of 26mn MT in 2018 is set to rise to 147mn MT by 2023, More targeted and efficient mining through automation and digitalization.

US$779mn to GDP by 2030

It is estimated that the mining sector will contribute US$779mn to GDP by 2030.


Rise in mineral-based manufacturing.

Autonomous haulage systems

Increasing productivity and safety via autonomous haulage systems.

Use of 3D modeling, AI and drones

Greater use of 3D modeling, AI and drones at the prospecting and exploration stage.